2016 saw Frigorífics Ferrer start its first branch outside Catalonia, after signing an agreement with the Valencian frozen food distribution company, Frinter Food.

This new branch, located in the town of Paterna (on the outskirts of Valencia) represents the opening of a new market where the company was practically non-existent and enable us to serve many clients from the hotel and catering and food distribution sectors in the entire Valencia Community.

In this way, Ferrer continues in its commitment to sustained and progressive growth that it has been working on in recent years.The opening of the branch in Valencia now forms part of the group of branches currently in operation: Vic, Manresa, Lleida, Figueres, Girona, Tarragona and Mercabarna (Barcelona).

The combination of the experience and clients that Frinter Food has in the area and the contribution of the range of products of Ferrer with the administrative, technological and logistic support of its professionals, will be the key to guaranteed success and growth in the new branch.