Sonso is the only specie from ammoditid family, which is found in Mediterranean Sea.

Sonso (Gymnamodytes cicerelus), its call barrinaire, trencavits or enfú in Menorca, espetolí in Mallorca and sageta or moix in the Pitiüses, its fishing starts at the beginning of March until Autumn. It lives in marine and brackish waters, between 5 and 8 meters of depth, and at an optimal temperature between 13 and 16ºC.

It is a very small and delicate-looking fish, the maximum length ever seen is 7.9 cm and they don’t usually live moret han a year. It has 4 and 6 spines along its dorsal fin and a spin on the anal fin, despite being almost transparent the color tone of its skin is light brown rose.

The first sonso from the season is the best, as it has an exquisite taste and suitable size.  For that reason so many restaurateurs take advantatge of this sonso to fill their freezers and  offer it thoughot the season.

In Catalonia there are about twenty boats that have a licenes to fish for it but with daily fees, which depend on the guidelines of the Congestion Plan, and that ensures a rational exploitation of the resource, which is why it considered a luxury product.