Sonso is the only specie from ammoditid family, which is found in Mediterranean Sea.

Sonso (Gymnamodytes cicerelus), its call barrinaire, trencavits or enfú in Menorca, espetolí in Mallorca and sageta or moix in the Pitiüses, its fishing starts at the beginning of March until Autumn. It lives in marine and brackish waters, between 5 and 8 meters of depth, and at an optimal temperature between 13 and 16ºC.

It is a very small and delicate-looking fish, the maximum length ever seen is 7.9 cm and they don’t usually live moret han a year. It has 4 and 6 spines along its dorsal fin and a spin on the anal fin, despite being almost transparent the color tone of its skin is light brown rose.

The first sonso from the season is the best, as it has an exquisite taste and suitable size.  For that reason so many restaurateurs take advantatge of this sonso to fill their freezers and  offer it thoughot the season.

In Catalonia there are about twenty boats that have a licenes to fish for it but with daily fees, which depend on the guidelines of the Congestion Plan, and that ensures a rational exploitation of the resource, which is why it considered a luxury product.

Frigorífics Ferrer was officially certified as MSC / ASC chain of custody last August 2020, and two years later, the company has more than a dozen of references produced in its own factory or at the fishing origin. A growing selection of fish products packaged (mainly suitable for retail), which are presented with the guarantee of its "FERRER Frozen food you can trust" brand added to the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) or ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) value certifications (international organisms that regulate and guarantee sustainability of the fishing process, production and chain of custody of products).

FERRER, a family-owned company leader in frozen fish in Spain (with almost a century of history), renews itself once again and accomplishes the growing market trend towards sustainability and responsible consumption. These products elaborated on its own fabrics are in addition to more than 50 references which are already selling to the foodservice industry all of them with MSC or ASC guaranteed sustainability too: boneless fillets of sea bass, sea bream, dab, razor clams, prawns, as well as top sales such as hake, light-salted cod or cod salad (ready to eat) from Iceland.

Moreover, the company reveals that it is not only working on sustainability of the fishing products but is also reformulating most of their packaging and materials with the objective of transform them in terms of sustainability and recyclability.

Gracias a esta medida, la compañía eliminará 48 toneladas de plástico cada año, y convertirá el resto de toneladas extras en 100% reciclables.

FERRER, especializada en la elaboración y distribución de pescado fresco y congelado con más de 90 años de historia, continúa con su apuesta por el cuidado y respeto por el medio ambiente renovando los materiales de todos sus envases en congelado con el firme propósito de liderar el mercado en este aspecto y reducir al máximo el impacto medioambiental.

Tras un largo proyecto de I+D de la mano de expertos líderes en materiales, la empresa ha lanzado al mercado su icónico envase skinpack con una base de plástico mono material 100% PET, elaborada con hasta un 30% de plástico reciclados. Esta base, además, es totalmente reciclable contribuyendo así a fomentar la economía circular y la sostenibilidad.

El packaging presenta un diseño paper-like muy atractivo y novedoso visualmente, hecho a base de tintas superficiales, que ha sido diseñado y personalizado en exclusiva para Ferrer. Para un óptimo reciclaje, el envase cuenta además con un sistema abrefácil que facilita la separación de la base del film superior por parte del consumidor (éste aún no reciclable).

Con esta innovación, Ferrer responde a la demanda creciente de los consumidores que reclaman compromiso a las empresas para hacer frente al problema del excedente de plástico a nivel mundial. Esta medida implicará la reducción de hasta un 18% de plástico y, en consecuencia, la reciclabilidad de 48 toneladas de plástico anualmente.

Esta apuesta de Ferrer por materiales más sostenibles también incluye a corto plazo, la reformulación del plástico de sus bolsas o el cambio de materiales en los envases termoformados, isopacks y vacuums que engrosará sin duda estos datos.

Este replanteamiento y relanzamiento de la gama, está alineado con la estrategia de sostenibilidad de la compañía que ya cuenta, además, con certificación de pesca/acuicultura sostenible MSC o ASC.

Last Friday took place in our headquarters the presentation of the articles for the Christmas campaign 2018/2019. 120 salesmen from all our branches attended the event.

The purchasing and marketing team presented a range of frozen and chilled products for this Christmas as well as the INNOVATION: American scallop meat, monkfish skinless tails from Boston, a range of candied meats, Black Angus beef steak from Nebraska, stuffed Spanish sweet fritters with chocolate, or the latest developments in “ready to eat” mixes for the retail sector.

In addition to the presentation, the team could see and taste a selection of products cooked by the chefs of the Vicfood restaurant.

Below you will find the link to download the Christmas Catalogue and the new edition of the Chilled food Catalogue.

Happy Christmas campaign!

This May, Ferrer has launched the new range of chilled products that include more than 75 items either fresh, smoked, in brine, meats, eggs, sauces and other products as eggs range, carpaccios, cod paste, etc…

All products will be available over the year at steady prices. A range with an incremental sales potential over our existing frozen range of products, in order to fulfill our foodservice client needs. For more information or prices, please contact our Sales Department via e-mail or telephone.

In the following link you will see our catalogue of the Ferrer CHILLED new RANGE:   Download Catalogue